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Anxiety Treatment in Washington, D.C.

Hi, I'm Lauren Blackwood, an online anxiety therapist for adults in Washington, DC.

I help adults manage their anxiety so they can live happier lives.


I am a licensed board certified psychotherapist with over ten years of experience in providing therapy for anxiety. Over the years I have helped many people reduce discomfort and build a calmer and stronger sense of self.  I use evidence-based interventions designed for anxiety treatment that are targeted at bringing relief to your immediate day-to-day symptoms while building an understanding of the root of these emotions.  We will learn to calm anxiety symptoms and decrease tension in your body and in your life.

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Lauren Blackwood, Experienced Female Therapist in DC

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Anxiety is a normal physical and mental reaction to stress.  It can be a natural way for us to recognize threats around us.  Unfortunately, for some of us these emotions get stuck and overused, with anxiety taking control of our life and overwhelming us in dysfunctional and negative ways.  When this happens we can say that anxiety is a challenge and it is time to make a change.  I can help.

Offering Telehealth throughout Washington, D.C.

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Lauren Blackwood, LICSW


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