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Maternal Mental Health 

You do not need to suffer in silence

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Pregnancy & Conception Challenges

  Are you a new or expectant parent?  Experiencing infertility issues? Research shows there are biological and social reasons why depression and anxiety symptoms spike during the family building years.  Sometimes a new mom’s pre / postpartum depression is more than just the baby blues. 

Prevalence of Maternal Mental Health Challenges

  • Depression/Anxiety in Pregnancy (15-20% of women)

  • Postpartum Depression (21% of women)

  • Postpartum Anxiety (10% of women)

  • Perinatal Panic Disorder (11% of new moms)

Some Common Symptoms of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders:

  • Feeling sad, depressed, and crying frequently for more than three weeks after delivery

  • Frequent thoughts of inadequacy

  • Excessive worry (before, during, or after birth)

  • Intense anxiety 

  • Suicidal thoughts

Challenges with mental health related to pregnancy? I can help.

I am a licensed board certified psychotherapist with over ten years of experience.  I am passionate about supporting women (and their partners) who are new and expectant parents, experiencing infertility issues, and those seeking to build a family. My advanced certification in perinatal mental health therapy gives me an in-depth understanding of mood disorders related to pregnancy and infertility issues. I have specialized training in counseling women through this phase of their life.

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